Today educators face the challenge of identifying age and skill-appropriate activities, how to teach them in a fun and effective way and how to keep children engaged, focused and learning.

MoovKids focuses on these challenges and core areas by:

Equipping educators with an abundance of fun innovative movement activities

Offering teaching suggestions for varying ability levels and those with special needs

Focusing on six skill areas to ensure all-round development and coordination is achieved

Providing strategies to captivate children’s attention whilst teaching movement

Offering tried and tested methods to aid class management to maximum benefit

Addressing learning and social difficulties as well as the growing lack of physical and emotional energy evident in many children

Shifting attention from the stimulation of various modern technical devices that have children entranced and sedentary

Use our skill-focused lessons or select activities of your choice, all of which will benefit and engage your students resulting in movement being fun! The provided professional development will educate and inspire you to make that much-needed difference to the physical development of your early learners.

The MoovKids program offers educators a host of useful features that results in easy planning and teaching!

Mark activities as favourites for future reference.

Save activities that need additional repeating or practicing.

Create your own lesson plans with the option to print.

Search for specific activities relating to your needs.

A video with a child focused narration for your children to watch and then do.

Mark taught activities so activity progress can be tracked.

Print a lesson guide to enable teaching in different locations easy.

Order the required equipment from our store at any time.

It is crucial for us to remember that it is movement that develops the brain in the first years of life. Exposure to a wide variety of movement experiences in the early years enhances the capacity, structure and function of the brain.

Regular movement improves concentration and focus!

Our Responsibility

As educators, we aim to develop and nurture the “whole child”: their physical, social, emotional and cognitive dimensions. Research indicates that free movement and play are critical for brain development and that regular movement enhances brain function, especially during the early childhood years. The positive effects of regular movement for overall health and well-being are well documented. Movement is an effective countermeasure against the stress and anxiety, low energy and obesity challenges that so many children face in our modern world.

MoovKids lessons provide opportunities for children to develop physical and social skills while building muscle strength, flexibility, stamina and core strength. Their balance, proprioceptive and sensory systems all benefit from regular movement. This improves their ability to settle and focus in class, enhancing their academic performance and learning.

Let’s get our kids moving and learning in order to help them become confident, coordinated and strong!


Happy Toddlers is an English Kindergarten and we work with children of 3 – 6 years of age.

A very important part of Early Childhood Education is to give children the opportunity to practice physical activities to promote their gross motor skills. Although we make a great effort to support this area, our kindergarten has limited space. Going to Moovkids has been so easy. Darlene has created a friendly atmosphere where children immediately feel inspired and are always eager to do the wide variety of MoovKids activities that she has planned. Darlene has endless ideas, fun tools and a gift to work with little children.

We have already noticed a great change in our children's gross motor abilities and the benefits go beyond that. The children’s confidence in their abilities reflects in other areas as well, especially the social and cognitive areas, not to mention that our children continue practicing English while exercising with her.

We both, staff and parents are very happy with the results.

Thank you Darlene!
Moovkids is a fabulous programme for children of all abilities. The lesson plans are clear, well thought through and easy to follow. Darlene has created a series of videos alongside so that even the most nervous/inexperienced teacher can feel confident that they can successfully implement the programme. Her attention to detail reveals a passion for movement that shines through. Our teachers have loved the ease of using the programme, and the children have benefitted immensely from more movement activities. I highly recommend this programme.
Angie Hämäläinen,
Finnish American Kindergarten