MoovKids is for
daycare centres or kindergartens, sports clubs, after school programs, home school educators, special needs, childcare providers, parents, fitness centres and curriculum planners.

MoovBasic Program

Do you need…

• fun movement activities that your children will enjoy?

• activities that develop body coordination and core strength?

• activities that are easy to understand and teach?

• fun “brain breaks” throughout the day?

• an easy search-and-select tool for activities?

• clear, concise & happy movement videos?

• to know the physical benefit details of each activity?

• child-directed video narrations to inspire movement?

Children love to move and need to move!

Special Launch Offer: €9.99 / month

MoovComplete Program

Would it help to have…

• a ready-to-use structured movement curriculum?

• a program that covers the basic fundamental movement skills?

• concise, easy-to-understand instructional videos?

• teaching suggestions for different ages and abilities?

• search and select skill- or need-specific activities?

• “bookmark” features to support repetition and lesson planning?

• a record of your teaching progress?

• group-specific teaching statistics and activity archive?

• teaching tips for happy and safe movement classes?

Children love to move and need to move!

Special Launch Offer: € 14.99 / month.


I have incorporated MoovKids activities for static balance into my mixed child & adult karate classes. They loved it! We did the beanbag attack activity against the wall. They loved it! We did the windmill activity with hoops. They loved it! There was so much happiness and laughter in the class.

Afterwards the children said, “Sensei, Sensei. This is the best class ever”! It was very, very fun and so cool to see the smiles on their faces and how much joy they had. This is so cool. I am very excited and this is just the beginning with MoovKids.
Sensei Carmen ,
De Karatemoeder Martial Arts School, The Hague, Netherlands
Moovkids is a fabulous programme for children of all abilities. The lesson plans are clear, well thought through and easy to follow. Darlene has created a series of videos alongside so that even the most nervous/inexperienced teacher can feel confident that they can successfully implement the programme. Her attention to detail reveals a passion for movement that shines through. Our teachers have loved the ease of using the programme, and the children have benefitted immensely from more movement activities. I highly recommend this programme.
Angie Hämäläinen ,
Finnish-American Kindergarten, Helsinki